My name is Mike, and like my mother says never.... Yes, this was a great movie. But I like to continue... like my grandfather always told me: "It is better to regret things you've done than things you never tried." I have a lot of respect for my grandfather, and I hope to see him again one time. Keeping this sentence in my mind I ouind a lot of easy decisions for the way of my life. May be, that's why I ended up here. Currently I live in Ibiza, in Egypt and Tenerife. How this is possible? I dont know, but I love all of these places and the people living there.

These are the jobs I have done in my life so fartauchend

  • car mechanic
  • soldier in the German Air Force
  • quality inspector
  • programmer
  • manager of quality management systems in the automotive industry
  • self employed management consultant for quality management system like ISO9000 and VDA 6.1, mostly for the automotive industry
  • SCUBA diving instructor - owner and manager of diving centres
  • skipper

In my free time I ambike cleaning

  • SCUBA diving
  • inline skating
  • programming
  • fixing and riding my motorbike
  • meeting friends
  • reading a lot of books
  • ttrying to get my new skipper licese (Capitán de Yate)

Apart from these details I am mostly single, was born in 1964, love all kind of music (apart from German folk music), love reading books and political discussions.

Some things I don't like

  • Nazis
  • conspiracy theorists
  • Windows
  • as stated before, German folk music
  • beer (with the exception of very hot days and some company)
  • a working computer (I know, never touch a running system 😏)
  • a not working computer (now I touched a running system 😏)

(c)2020 - 2021 by Mike Ennulat