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I would like to introduce myself, where I am coming from and where I am heading to. Not sure, If there is a plan to follow anyway ;-). But every day gives some new options, we just have to find and open the doors. Currently I am trying to open a new business with a sailing boat. I keep you informed.

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Lateley when I tried to delete a customer in the ISPconfig panel, I received an error:

CSRF attempt blocked.

After searching a long time in the internet without success I found the solution: If you try to delete a customer within ISPconfig this dialog opens up:

While upgrading my server, most probably while doing the upgrade to Ubuntu 20.04 Focal, mod-evasive got installed and enabled. It didn't effect the configured websites, except sometimes for a couple of  seconds I received 403 errors. But finally everything continued working. The problem started, after adding a new website and trying to install a new Joomla platform. The installation process of Joomla stopped on the very last step without any error message on the screen.

By default OpenVPN runs on port 1194. This is quite nice, but often this port is not open in the firewalls. Therefor the OpenVPN server is unreachable. It also has advantages to run SSH on port 443. You may have fewer fake logins on the SSH server. In addition, port 22, or even any custom port such as 2020, is blocked by firewalls in most cases as well. If you simply put everything on port 443, this may not work, since Apache is already active for the SSL websites. And that's where SSLH jumps in.

If you reiceive the following error while starting phpmyadmin in your browser:

This page isn’t working
Example.com is currently unable to handle this request.

Most probably you have a conflict with your PHP version after upgrading to Ubuntu 20.04. If you have different PHP Versions installed, you need to tell phpmyadmin which Version to use.

If you have installed multiple PHP versions, you may want to be able to change the standard version without much effort. Log in to your server via SSH and enter the following command in the command line:

sudo update-alternatives --config php


During my work with personal computers and servers I experienced a lot of problems. So, whenever I have a problem I try to add the solution here. Due to the mass of problems, I am sure the list is going to grow fast 😏.

Thanks to all the other guys in the www helping also with solutions to the different kind of problems.

Tricks & hints for creating and fixing Joomla sites.

Some tricks and tips to fix issues on your server.

Find tips and tricks about android.

Diving schools and instructors generally offer diving training according to proven and globally recognized training standards. Which training is the best? Very idle to speculate. Every training has its advantages and disadvantages, a good training is more dependent on a good diving instructor and good environmental conditions. Not everyone enjoys learning to dive in cold water and with poor visibility. On the other hand, you might want to get to know the theory better and not experience it on a fast vacation course. Basically there are the following training levels, which are also recognized among each other. Below the table you find a list with all courses I teach.

Discover Scuba Diving Try Dive Discover Scuba Diving Try Scuba Try Dive  
Pool Diver  --  --  --  --  
Scuba Diver Basic Diver Scuba Diver Passport Diver / Scuba Diver Elementary Diver / -- Supervised Diver
Open Water Diver CMAS* Open Water Diver Open Water Diver Open Water Diver / Ocean Diver Autonomous Diver
Advanced Adventurer CMAS* + 2 Specialties Advanced Open Water Diver Advanced Adventurer  -- No ISO / EUF Standards
Advanced Open Water Diver CMAS** -- Advanced Open Water Diver --
AOWD + Specialty Stress & Rescue CMAS** + Specialty Stress & Rescue Rescue Diver Diver Stress & Rescue Sport Diver / Club Diver
Master Diver  -- Master DIver Master Diver  --
Dive Leader CMAS*** Dive Master Dive Guide Dive Leader / Dive Leader Dive Leader

This list cannot always be transferred 1: 1. Some courses partially overlap. Depending on which direction you are looking from, this table would look different. Thus, the table can only be a rough guideline. Of course, there are a large number of other associations such as VDST, Protec, Naui, IDA, IDEA. However, they all differ only insignificantly and are based on the training scheme either at the RSTC or the CMAS training track and are usually also a member there, e.g. IAC is a member of the RSTC and CMAS, the BSAC is part of the CMAS and PADI and SSI are pure RSTC members. But no matter what certificate a diver has, there is unfortunately no information about how good or how bad the respective diver is.

This category lists articles about PADI training opportunities. I am teaching all levels of Scuba Diving inlcuding the PADI Assistant Instructor. If you like to do a course (private or small class) with me, check for prices and schedule .

In this category you are going to find descriptions of the Scuba Schools International SSI program. Keep in mind, this is only the standard program. You may do more certifications in other areas of Scuba Diving as well. If you like to do a course (private or in small classes), do not hesitate to contact me:

In this category you are going to find stories and some details of my life.

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