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SSI Scuba Diver

If your time is on vacation limited, this diving course is the best option for you. As an entry-level certification of SSI, the SSI diving course is simply easier and you receive an internationally recognized diving certification.

SSI Open Water Diver

Accompanied by a competent and friendly SSI Instructor within the SSI Open Water Diver course you will get step by step closer into the amazing and impressive underwater-world, a world with its own characteristics. After you completed this diving course you will be able to dive independently but together with a buddy to a maximum depth of 18 meters.

SSI Specialty Program: Advanced Adventurer

SSI Scuba Schools International's Specialty Program includes a variety of specialty courses. There is also a limited number of courses that take place outside the water. However, if training dives are obligatory, at least 2 dives must be carried out for the respective specialty. The SSI Advanced Adventurer offers an exception here.

SSI Try Scuba & Basic Diver

Discover a new world, feel weight-less and see more animals within 30 minutes than by walking for several hours in a forest.... unbelievable? This is not true? Where I find this planet? You can find it just a door-step from your life. 75% of our world is covered with water and you just have to descend to discover this new, amazing and unique world.

SSI Specialty Program: Recognition Levels

SSI has a so-called recognition program. The two most important levels are the SSI Specialty Diver and the SSI Advanced Open Water. This level should NOT be confused with the PADI Advanced Open Water. The SSI Advanced Open Water Diver is more or less on the same level as the PADI Rescue Diver, at least if one of the specialty courses was Diver Stress & Rescue. (see also list of equivalency) As well there is the SSI Master Diver recognition.